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Follow us on Twitter @funfactzcom now has it’s own Twitter account. You can now follow us to keep track of new fun facts and blog posts via Twitter, just like on the FunFactz Facebook page. This comes amid a flurry of updates for Fun Facts with more expected soon.

Major Design Update for

There has been a major design update on as you may well have noticed if you are familiar with the website. The new design highlights the ‘Random Fact‘ part of the website and hopefully makes the website look and feel cleaner and more professional. To compare the new design with the old design or […]

New FunFactz Blog and Fact Tags

As FunFactz grows, I’d like to take the time to keep the flourishing community in tabs with new website updates and website suggestions. As well as this, I’d also like to take the time to publish other blog posts that may relate to the FunFactz genre and take the interest of readers. So today, I […]