10 Weird Surprises Found in Food

Chicken Head McDonald's

An actual chicken head

Found in a Happy Meal when a mother took her two young children for a McDonald’s as a treat. Luckily, the children didn’t eat the McNuggets. Not so lucky was their mother, who unwittingly nommed down the nuggets before one of her children yelled at her not to eat one of them because it looked like… well, you can see in the picture above. Subsequently, she pressed charges, seeking $100,000 compensation.  (Src)


Condom inside calamari

Chinese diner Mai Liang was eating a calamari meal at a restaurant in Anhui province when she noticed that it was too chewy. Turning over a piece of ‘calamari’, she noticed that it was in actual fact a condom. (Src)

McNugget Worm

Worm in Chicken McNugget

Another McNugget horror story came to fruition when a mother took a bite of her child’s unwanted McNuggets and discovered a ‘McWorm’ hanging out from where she’d just took a bite. (Src)

Wire Brush in Burger

Wire brush in Chicken Legend

In 2010. eighteen-year-old Brett Stephens from England found a wire brush in his Chicken Legend and avoided what could have been a serious injury.

Subway kitchen knife

Seven-inch knife in Subway Bun

A Subway restaurant in Queens, N.Y. somehow gave a man a Subway bun with a 7-inch knife lodged inside of it. (Src)oven glove hovis

Oven glove inside Hovis bread.

Part of an oven glove was found in a loaf of Hovis bread in Northern Ireland. The bakery was subsequently found £750 after an investigation by the council’s environmental health section.. (Src)

mouse inside hovis bread

Mouse inside bread

Another bread horror. Stephen Forse saw a mouse embedded within a loaf of bread that he’d been eating slices from. He noticed that the tail was missing and feared he may have unwittingly consumed it. (Src)


Maggots in Big Mac

Australian Leigh Savage opened up his Big Mac burger to ensure that his requested extra pickles had been included, but found a different ingredient; maggots.

kfc brain

“Brain” KFC Burger

An Essex teenager began chomping down his tasty takeaway, but, upon inspection, found what looked to be like a brain inside of it. KFC experts later judged it to be a kidney.

dead frog pepsi

Dead frog in Pepsi

A thirsty Fred DeNegri cracked open a can of his favorite drink, Diet Pepsi, and noticed that the taste was rank and had a strange, thick texture. After emptying it in a sink, he noticed a dead frog hanging out of it. (Src)


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