New FunFactz Blog and Fact Tags

As FunFactz grows, I’d like to take the time to keep the flourishing community in tabs with new website updates and website suggestions. As well as this, I’d also like to take the time to publish other blog posts that may relate to the FunFactz genre and take the interest of readers.

So today, I have implemented this blog. It still needs to be themed to go in sync with the FunFactz design.

I have also implemented a tag system, so if you click on a fact on the homepage or in one of the fact categories, you can now see the ‘Tags’ are linked to ‘Tag Pages’ where you can view other facts linked with that specific tag. This adds an alternative navigation method to the standard categorization of facts.

Hopefully there shall be more updates coming soon and I shall continue to try my best to keep the flow of new facts coming regularly.