Japanese 3D Cooking Simulator Helps Train Wannabe Chefs

Put down the spatula and forget the fire extinguisher, this crazy futuristic cooking simulator under development by the Tokyo Institute of Technology uses 3D technology to recreate the cooking environment by using a frying pan that reads feedback using numerous sensors.

Do you believe simulators are the way of the future?
Do you believe simulators are the way of the future?

The technology used for the cooking sim can calculate things like moisture evaporation and temperature which gives a visual interpretation of the food being cooked in real-time. The frying pan feels as if you have food in it, and as you cook, meat changes from red to brown and vegetables go dark.

“This technology combines a rigid-body physics engine library and a heat-conduction simulator,” Fumihiro Kata, a represenatative of Tokyo Institute of Technology, says in the video. “The heat-conduction state changes in line with the amount of physical contact, and the simulation is achieved by combining them.”

There’ll always be those who hold the staunch belief that learning via cooking real food prevails over cooking it virtually, but you can’t beat the fact that there’s no more food waste, plus it’s undoubtedly safer!

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