Crazy World Records You May Never Heard of

Every day there are new world records set. While some of these may seem rather normal, there are many more that are rather unusual. For instance, how many people really think about seeing how many straws they can stuff into their mouth at one time or perhaps crushing watermelons solely with the power from one’s thighs. Here are some crazy world records of which most people have never heard.

Longest Tightrope Walk in High Heels

While setting a record for a the longest tightrope may be rather normal, adding high heels to it makes it quite crazy given the added difficulty. On July 10, 2014 Russian Oxana Seroshtan walked a length of 15 meters on a tightrope while donning high heels. The record was set in Milan, Italy and filmed on set. While some other record setters who walked the rope used an aid to help balance themselves, Seroshtan didn’t. Instead she opted to carry a fan in one hand.

Most Sausages Consumed

Many different world records have been set that involved consuming certain amounts of food in a short time. New Zealander, Stefan Paladin, set a record for eating the most sausages in just a minute. In 2001, Paladin was able to devour a total of 8 sausages in a minute. This translates to more than one sausage every 10 seconds.

Largest Ball of Paint

Many world records involve the creation of immensely size objects. For instance, American Michael Carmichael and his wife, Glenda, decided to create a ball of paint with a large number of paint layers. Taking more than 40 years to create, the couple’s final product has a total of 17,994 layers of paint over a baseball.

While these are just three of the oddest world’s records, there are even more to learn about. Grab a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records and dive in!

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